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Certification and Authenticity

The Authenticity Certification is an essential starting point for the service offered by Ferrari Classiche, which only Maranello can deliver. It can be requested for all road Ferraris over 20 years old and is also available for Ferrari racing, Formula and Sport, with no age limit.

A unique service of great importance for the owner, who alone with Ferrari Classiche can get an official document attesting to the authenticity of his car. Thanks to the integrity and completeness of the archives, where all assembly sheets of cars produced since 1947 are jealously guarded, Ferrari is able to establish unequivocally the conformity to the original project of all its models.
Only cars in perfect working order obtain the Ferrari Classiche Certification of Authenticity; so that the conformity of the vehicle with the original project - and therefore the greater safety at the steering wheel - is guaranteed, it is necessary that all its parts are authentic.

Chassis, engine, gearbox and transmission, suspensions, brakes, wheels and bodywork, interior, everything is scrupulously examined by the group of experts Ferrari Classiche, a team of specialists with long professional experience within Ferrari, sometimes personally committed in the actual construction of the vehicle to be examined. The passion and proverbial skill of Ferrari Classiche technicians are the best guarantee for the customer.
In detail, the Ferrari Classiche certification process provides for a technical examination of the originality of the various mechanical components, which remains the determining factor in establishing the authenticity of the car.

All parts that do not match the production specifications are replaced by the spare parts offered by Ferrari and its related official partners, so that the car returns to its original configuration.

The service is not limited to the most common spare parts: Ferrari Classiche can carry out mergers identical to the original parts and provide structural elements.

Thanks to precise quality controls and the ability to identify all projects in the historical archive, every vintage car maintains its level of performance and safety.

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